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YAMADA Yoshiko

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The Center for Fundamental Education in Science and Engineering

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Associate Professor

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  • Humanities & Social Sciences / Linguistics

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  • Uilta

  • Tungusic Languages

  • Indigenous Peoples

  • Sakhalin (Karafuto)

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  • Hokkaido University

    2008.03,Master's Course,Graduate School, Division of Letters,歴史地域文化学専攻,Completed,Japan

  • Hokkaido University

    2012.03,Doctor's Course,Graduate School, Division of Letters,Coursework completed without degree,Japan

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  • Hokkaido University

    2006.03,Faculty of Literature,Graduate,Japan

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  • Ph.D.


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  • Assistant Curator, Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples, Hokkaido Board of Education

    2011.11.01 ~ 2022.09.30

  • Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC2), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

    2009.04.01 ~ 2011.03.31

Academic Society 【 display / non-display

  • The Japan Association of Siberian Studies

  • Hokkaido Ethnological Society

  • Japan Association of Northern Language Studies

  • The Linguistic Society of Japan

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  • 2013年度北海道民族学会奨励賞



Language and Culture of the Uilta, an Indigenous People of Sakhalin

Purpose of Research

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1.Point of research 2.Research of novelty
3.Primacy of Technology 4.Situation of patent-related

Books 【 display / non-display

  • The Tungusic Languages

    TSUMAGARI, T. & Y. YAMADA,Routledge,Uilta,(p.572),2023.08,9781138845039

  • ゴールデンカムイ 絵から学ぶアイヌ文化

    山田祥子,集英社,コラム3 北方少数民族ウイルタの生活と文化,(p.559),2024.02,9784087213027

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Literature Created by the Uilta from Sakhalin Island (1)

    山田祥子,Journal of Language and Culture of Hokkaido,(22),(p.103 ~ 120),2024.03

  • Verbal Suffix -lu- in the Northern Dialect of Uilta

    山田祥子,Northern Language Studies,(14),(p.331 ~ 350),2024.03

  • Sound Materials of the Ewenki Language

    山田祥子(採録・訳注),Northern Language Studies, Extra Issue,(1),(p.1 ~ 107),2023.03

  • A Text in the Northern Dialect of Uilta: Mother

    山田祥子,Journal of Language and Culture of Hokkaido,vol.21,(p.1 ~ 16),2023.03

  • The Life of Gisiktauda (Marija Mikheeva) : An Uilta Text in Northern Dialect

    山田祥子,Northern Language Studies,vol.6,(p.179 ~ 201),2016.03

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International conference proceedings 【 display / non-display

  • On the legend of 'Taraika Conflict' handed down by the Sakhalin indigenous peoples

    YAMADA, Yoshiko,Proceedings of the 16th Seoul International Altaistic Conference,(p.49 ~ 71),The Altaic Society of Korea,2023.07,Seoul, Korea

Editorial and Commentary 【 display / non-display

  • ウイルタの民族芸術:三人の女性作家を中心に

    山田祥子,Catalogue of the 37th Special Exhibition at the Hokkaido Museum of the Northern Peoples: Inuit Wall Hangings and Indigenous Arts,(p.38 ~ 41),2022.07

  • バーバ・カーチャと私:エベンキのトナカイ牧者E. A. ボリソワさんから教わったこと

    山田祥子,北海道立北方民族博物館第36回特別展図録:トナカイと暮らすータイガの遊牧民たち,(p.24 ~ 30),2021.07

  • 内側の名前 ウイルタ語

    山田祥子,世界の名前,(p.147 ~ 149),2016.03

  • 第2章 ウイルタ語

    山田祥子,水・雪・氷のフォークロア:北の人々の伝承世界,(p.26 ~ 43),2014.03

Research reports 【 display / non-display

  • Effective Ways of Instructing Communicative Language Activities in English Classes

    ゲイナー ブライアン、ペレム ジョンガイ、島田武、塩谷亨、サステナンス スコット、山田祥子,北海道言語文化研究,vol.21,(p.131 ~ 138),2023.03

  • <Comments on Materials> Prof. Ikegami Jirōs Sound Materials in the Collection of Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples: a List of References (Publication Series of Ikegami Bunko 2)

    山田祥子,北海道立北方民族博物館研究紀要,(32),(p.57 ~ 87),2023.03

  • <Comments on Materials> Prof. Ikegami Jirō's Notebooks in the Collection of Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples: a List of References (Publication Series of Ikegami Bunko 1)

    山田祥子,北海道立北方民族博物館研究紀要,(31),(p.85 ~ 115),2022.03

Presentaion at conference, meeting, etc. 【 display / non-display

  • Problems about future tense in the northern dialect of Uilta: Focusing on the origin of verb ending -li


  • On the legend of 'Taraika Conflict' handed down by the Sakhalin indigenous peoples

    YAMADA, Yoshiko,The 16th Seoul International Altaistic Conference,The Altaic Society of Korea,Proceedings of the 16th Seoul International Altaistic Conference,(p.49-71),2023.07.21,Seoul,Korea, Republic of


Class subject in charge 【 display / non-display

  • 英語リーディング演習A(Eクラス)


  • 英語リーディング演習A(Hクラス)


  • 英語リーディング演習A(Kクラス)


  • 英語総合演習(Aクラス)


  • 英語総合演習(Hクラス)


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